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Melting Loss of Copper Sheath Material in Casting

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Melting Loss of Copper Sheath Material in Casting

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 Our large copper sleeve will cause a lot of waste in casting. The larger the copper sleeve, the more liquid copper alloy will be used, and the more materials will be used for concise description. If this kind of waste occurs, it will undoubtedly directly increase the surplus input of our raw materials, and reduce the smelting burning loss is all our factories. Home is striving to customer service problems, in order to reduce burns, we need to know the causes of burns, we summarized the following for you:

  1. Chemical reaction will be formed between raw material of copper sleeve and lining material during smelting. Generally, this reaction will produce gas directly, which will cause the loss of copper alloy liquid without any reason.

  2. When copper sleeve material melts into liquid, because of its high density and heavy weight, it will exert great pressure on furnace lining. This will lead to copper alloy liquid infiltrating into furnace lining cracks, which will lead to local melting in high temperature zone and increase slag volume and metal loss in slag. This situation occurs in new furnace and furnace fast damage. Sometimes it is easy to appear.

  3. Another point is that mechanical mixing of metals in slag, as well as when we fish for slag, will cause the loss of copper sleeve materials.

  How to ensure that copper alloy castings do not produce loss in smelting is a problem that we will discuss at present and in the future. If we want to avoid smelting loss completely, we can not say that it can not be achieved, but it is also a great difficulty. Dear colleagues, you can exchange views and make progress together.

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