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The Difference between Shaft Sleeve and Copper Sleeve

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The Difference between Shaft Sleeve and Copper Sleeve

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Shaft sleeve: Shaft sleeve is a cylindrical mechanical part sleeved on the rotating shaft, and it is an integral part of sliding bearing. Generally speaking, interference fit is used for sleeve and bearing seat, and clearance fit is used for shaft.

  Definition: sleeve made into a full cylindrical protective shaft

  Concept: The sleeve that makes the whole cylindrical protective shaft is called the sleeve.

  The bearing bush is equivalent to the outer ring of the sliding bearing. The Bush is integral and the relative axis is moving. Some of the bushes are divided and the relative axis is rotating.

  In LEGO Mindstorms series and BioTrans RoSys series of robotic assemblies, the axle sleeve refers to the silver-gray Lego standard axle fixator, which is divided into full axle sleeve and 1/2 axle sleeve.

  The main materials of all kinds of axle sleeves on major hydraulic generating units are ZQAl9-4, ZQSn10-1 and ZQSn6-6-3.

  Differentiation: The bushing refers to the bushing on the propeller shaft or stern shaft. Bearing (known as "axle bearing" in Japan) is a component that fixes and reduces load friction coefficient in the process of mechanical transmission.

  The similarity between the sleeve and the bearing is that they both bear the load of the shaft.

  The difference between them is that the sleeve is integral structure, and the relative motion between the shaft and the sleeve is when rotated, while the bearing is separated, and the relative motion between the inner and outer rings of the bearing itself is when rotated. But in essence, the sleeve is actually a kind of sliding bearing.

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