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How to Wear Copper sleeve more

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How to Wear Copper sleeve more

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  A. When the stress of copper sleeve is large, the material with higher hardness should be used, while the material with lower hardness should be used when the stress is small.

  B. The harder the steel is, the harder the copper should be. But it should not exceed the hardness of the steel. Otherwise, it will scratch the steel and accelerate the wear and tear of the steel, which will result in greater damage and will not protect the steel.

  C. The faster the relative speed of friction, the softer the hardness of copper parts and the higher the heat transfer coefficient.

  D. If the fitting clearance is high enough, the smaller the fitting clearance is, the better. However, the thermal expansion of copper and steel parts should be taken into account to prevent clinging and burning of tiles.

  E. Cleanliness of lubricating oil: Lubricating oil should use corresponding design label to achieve the corresponding viscosity and flash point. Particular attention should be paid to the filtration system of lubricating oil. If there are excessive impurity particles in the oil, the wear of copper sleeve will be accelerated. If the oil is too dirty and viscous, it will block the oil path, burn the copper tile quickly and crack.

  F. When the ambient temperature and lubricant temperature are used, the ambient temperature is too high and the cooling system of lubricating oil is not good, which will reduce the lubricating effect of lubricating oil and accelerate the wear of copper parts.

  The material of G and copper parts is the key to the service life of the copper sleeve: using the material marked on the drawings and making the copper sleeve according to the national standard is an important factor to prevent the wear of the copper sleeve. If using miscellaneous copper and scrap copper, the thermal conductivity, friction coefficient and tensile and compressive strength of the copper sleeve can not meet the specified requirements, the service life of the copper sleeve can not be reached. Naturally, life is not guaranteed.

  Haishan Machinery can recommend more wear-resistant materials and structures according to the working conditions of your copper parts.

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