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Copper Parts of Hydraulic Crusher--Customized Processing of

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Copper Parts of Hydraulic Crusher--Customized Processing of

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 xinxiang haihsan machinery company specializes in the production and processing of copper bushes, copper bushes, flange bushes, tin bronze bushes, brass bushes, large-scale copper castings, wear-resistant bushes, copper bushes, copper bushes, press copper wire mother, reducer copper worm wheel, rolling mill copper bushes, bearing bushes, press copper bushes, crusher copper bushes, Simmons copper bushes, mining equipment. Copper accessories, mechanical copper accessories and other copper alloy products and aluminum products.

  The best production technology: sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting.

  The castings can be cast 3000 kg/piece, and the minimum castings can be cast 0.1 kg/piece.

  Can provide finished products, semi-finished products, blanks.

  The material grades of castable products are as follows:

  Tin bronzes: 6-6-3, 5-5-5, 10-2, 10-5, 8-4.

  Phosphorus bronzes: 10-1, 6.5-0.1, 7-0.2, 8-0.3.

  Aluminum bronzes: 9-4, 9-2, 9-4-4-2, 10-3, 10-3-1.5, 10-3-2, 10-4-4, 10-5-5, 11-6.

  Lead bronzes: 10-10, 12-8, 17-4-4, 20-5, 25-5, ZCuPb30.

  Brass: H62, H65, H68, 59-1, 58-2, 16-4, 40-2, 58-2-2, 66-6-3-2.

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