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 Conical crushing copper fittings

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 Conical crushing copper fittings

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 Conical crushing copper fittings are mainly suitable for spring conical crushing, Simons conical crushing, single cylinder hydraulic crushing hammer, multi-cylinder hydraulic crushing hammer.

  Simmons: S75, S155, S240, S316.

  Sandvik H2800, H3800, H4800, H6800, S2800, S3800, S4800.

  Single Cylinder Hydraulic GP Series Crusher GP100, GP110, GP300, GP500

  Multi-cylinder hydraulic HP series crusher HP100, HP200, HP300, HP400, HP500, HP700, HP800

  Spring cone crusher accessories are: 600, 900, 1200, 1750, 2200.

  The dimensions of PYB-1750 bowl bricks are as follows: spherical outer diameter 1080 mm, neck outer diameter 560 mm, inner diameter 500 mm, spherical radius 825 mm, total height 260 mm, weight 260 kg. Due to different drawings of each manufacturer, processing drawings need to be provided.

  There are four types of horizontal bar hydraulic hammer: GP100/GP200/GP300/GP500.

  The names of hydraulic copper fittings include: upper bronze plate, lower bronze plate, lower thrust bearing, gear shaft copper sleeve, eccentric copper sleeve copper sliding ring.

  National standards: ZQSn6-6-3, ZQSn5-5-5, ZCuSn3Zn11Pb4, ZQSn10-1 (ZCuSn10Pb1), ZCuSn10Pb10, ZCuSn12, QAL9-4, QAL10-4, QSn7-0.2, QSn6-0.1.

  American standards: C83600, C84400, C83800, C92200, C93700, C95200, C95800, etc. Welcome new and old customers to order.

  Bearing shell is the part of journal contact in sliding bearing. The shape is a semi-cylindrical surface. Very smooth. It is usually made of wear-resistant materials, such as bronze and friction-reducing alloys. In special cases, wood can be used. Made of engineering plastics or rubber.

  There are two types of bearing bushing: integral type and split type. Integral bearing bushing is usually called bushing. The integral bearing bushing has both oil groove and oil groove. Bearing bushing and journal have clearance fit, and usually do not rotate with the axis.

  Material: Bronze, Polymer, Graphite, Ceramics

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