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Characteristics of Large Centrifugal Casting

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Characteristics of Large Centrifugal Casting

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 For tin bronze bushing castings, when the length and thickness are more than 25 mm, it is difficult to compensate for the shortage of feeding channels when sand casting is used. In centrifugal casting of copper alloy, centrifugal casting of large tin bronze bushing is more difficult, especially in the case of red bushing, centrifugal casting of large tin bronze ship stern bushing is more difficult.

  Boring bushing usually has the following two characteristics: first, the defect can not be repaired very well. —— There are usually three sets of marine stern bushings. First, the outer ring is processed, and then the inner round finished bushings are heated (red bushings). Load the stern shaft in one direction. Tin bronze materials are loosely organized, and the so-called "mosquito feet" are prone to micro-loosening in the process of cylindrical dressing. Because the bushing is directional on the boring shaft, the bushing of the red bushing is difficult to disassemble, so when refitting the car, if the bushing of the inner end has a micro-loosening defect, and only three bushes on the boring shaft can be combined together. At the time of exit, the risk of manufacturing such bushes is relatively high; secondly, it is easy to produce air vents. As the ship's drill shaft is relatively thin, the stern bushing is relatively thin, that is to say, according to experience, for tin bronze, the longer the outer diameter of the bushing is relatively large, the larger the value of the length of the outer diameter, the easier to produce air holes.

  For large tin bronze bushing, it is also easy to produce heavy leather, which must be carefully solved in the process. The high rejection rate of tin bronze bushes in red suits has caused headaches for many foundry manufacturers. It can be seen that centrifugal casting of tin bronze tail sleeve is a difficult problem. The development trend of centrifugal casting of this kind of product is -. Consideration of various elements is no longer single, isolated, but systematic and comprehensive. It is necessary to consider the matching of equipment, mould and process parameters, the matching of casting shape and gate form, the selection of coating, etc. These elements should be harmoniously integrated into one and applied through various technologies to prevent casting defects and produce high-quality castings.

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