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the disadvantages and characteristics of graphite copper sl

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the disadvantages and characteristics of graphite copper sl

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 Many people want to know the advantages and disadvantages of copper sleeve bearings. Today we will take you to understand the disadvantages and characteristics of graphite copper sleeve bearings.

  The first step is to understand how it works.

  Usually, solid lubricants account for 20-30% of the friction surface area. The lubrication principle of graphite copper sleeve self-lubricating bearing is that during the sliding friction process between the shaft and the bearing, some graphite particles are transferred to the friction surface between the shaft and the bearing to form a relatively stable solid. Lubrication diaphragm prevents direct adhesion to shaft and bearing. This reasonable combination complements each other's performance advantages of metal alloys and non-metal anti-wear materials, that is, through the high load-bearing capacity of metals, the lubrication properties of anti-friction materials are obtained. Therefore, it is especially suitable for environments without oil, less oil, high temperature, high load or water.

  The second step is what are its advantages.

  1. Good load-bearing and wear resistance; Surface plastic layer can leave a certain margin in the process of processing and forming, and can be processed by itself after pressing into the seat hole. To achieve better assembly size.

  2. Under the condition of boundary lubrication, oil can not be maintained for a long time, and oil can be added to the cover layer to make the bearing have longer service life.

  3. Good load-bearing and wear resistance.

  4. It is suitable for high load and low speed rotating motion, swing motion and frequent opening and closing of load, and it is not easy to form hydrodynamic lubrication.

  The third step is what are its shortcomings.

  1. Do not work in water. Graphite solid self-lubricating bushing itself is used in self-lubricating condition. If water is encountered, the graphite powder produced inside will not lubricate. If you need to work in water, you need to add waterproof devices. Water in graphite copper sleeve is prohibited.

  2. Hardness is not as good as copper bushing. We all know that graphite copper bushing is arranged orderly on the base of copper bushing and embedded in graphite particles. Therefore, the more holes are punched, the lower the hardness of copper bushing base is. We must ensure that lubrication and hardness are compatible. Excellent guarantee for long-term use of graphite copper sleeve.

  The shortcomings and characteristics of graphite copper sleeve bearings are those that have been introduced to you. Haishan Machinery of Xinxiang City is waiting for your arrival.

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