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Attention Method for Use of Composite Copper Sleeve

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Attention Method for Use of Composite Copper Sleeve

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  1. Composite copper sleeves are usually copper sleeves inside and changed into other metals outside, so we should ensure the corrosion of the outer material. At this time, we should pay attention not to contact the parts directly with our hands. The sweat on our hands is easy to rust the outer material. Usually when we don't use it, we should apply a layer of mineral oil on the surface of the parts, which can effectively protect the parts from rust, ensure hygiene in operation, try not to touch water and some chemical corrosive articles, according to our experience, we should approximately predict the wear degree of the composite copper sleeve, and do not wait for damage. In the replacement, it will cause damage to the equipment.

  2. Composite copper sleeve should be installed to ensure the environment is clean, and some invisible dust will speed up the wear of copper sleeve and increase vibration and noise during rotation.

  3. Another point is what we often say, when installing, we should handle it lightly, never press it forcefully, let alone knock it with metal. It is easy to damage the copper sleeve.

  4. Composite copper sleeve should be measured by high accuracy equipment to avoid large gap.

  5. Pay attention to the maintenance of its normal use, so as to increase the service life of the composite copper sleeve. When any parts are damaged, what we need to do is how to slow down the damage speed.

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