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Application of self-lubricating copper sleeve

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Application of self-lubricating copper sleeve

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Everyone knows that metals will corrode. Influenced by the environment, destructive damage is caused by chemical or electrochemical reactions. It can be said that almost all metal products, in a certain environment, will have a number of forms of corrosion, and copper sleeves belong to metal products, which naturally can not prevent metal corrosion problems, the use of the environment and time, corrosion phenomenon is also significantly different. There is also a certain relationship with the material, iron is the easiest to be corroded, brass sleeve is slightly better, tin bronze sleeve is the most corrosion-resistant, can work in acid and alkali environment.

  Oil-free lubrication or less oil lubrication can not or is difficult to apply to the use of fuel in places without maintenance or less maintenance refueling. Good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, long service life. An appropriate amount of elastic-plastic surface can be widely supported by stress distribution to improve the bearing capacity. In order to eliminate static and dynamic friction similar to low-speed creeping coefficient, in order to ensure the accuracy of mechanical work. In order to reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution, improve working conditions. Lubrication film can be formed during operation to protect the role of grinding shaft without biting wave.

 With a long-term vision, Haishan Machinery is based on the development and manufacture of copper products; with the concept of sustainable development, honesty and responsibility, and the concept of common growth, it develops harmoniously, sets an example and innovates continuously.

  With market demand as the center and advanced manufacturing technology as the backing, we spare no effort in product innovation and constantly improve product quality to meet the market demand of sustainable development. Relying on the perfect manufacturing technology, we pursue the perfect service quality, and bring the perfect experience beyond satisfaction to our customers.

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