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Welcome to customize and process high quality copper sets

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Welcome to customize and process high quality copper sets

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  What is the casting process of brass? What is the casting method of brass? Brass casting is actually a relatively early metal hot working process. Brass casting technology has a history of about 6000 years. The definition of brass casting process is that the solid brass is melted into liquid brass and poured into a specific shape of the casting mold to be solidified and formed. In addition to casting brass, copper, iron, aluminum, tin and lead can also be cast. Common casting materials are raw sand, clay, sodium silicate, resin and other auxiliary materials. Special casting moulds include investment casting, lost foam casting, metal casting and ceramic casting. (The raw sand includes quartz sand, magnesia sand, zirconium sand, chromite sand, forsterite sand, orchidite sand, graphite sand, iron sand, etc.).

  The lowest temperature required for brass casting process: generally 960 degrees, has been fast crystallization, generally at least 980, is the lowest casting temperature, which is high zinc brass, low zinc brass is even higher.

  The advantages of brass casting process are: low manufacturing cost, high flexibility, complex shape and large castings can be obtained, which occupies a large proportion in mechanical manufacturing, such as machine tools 60-80%, automobiles 25%, tractors 50-60%.

  Commonly used brass casting methods: generally there are three kinds of brass casting methods, which have been proved to be suitable for brass casting. Metal casters can be tested in different ways and should not be restricted.Our company specializes in the production of copper bushing, including brass bushing for crusher, bowl copper bushing has been praised by many machinery manufacturers, welcomed calls from manufacturers, to map processing! The company promises to strictly control product quality and ensure product delivery cycle.

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