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Copper sleeve and sliding bearing

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Copper sleeve and sliding bearing

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Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a technical comprehensive enterprise integrating research, design, production, sales and after-sales of non-ferrous metal accessories. The company has advanced manufacturing and processing equipment and a set of special testing equipment. Specializing in the production of copper tile, copper slide plate, copper worm wheel, copper nut, sliding bearing, self-lubricating bearing, copper sleeve and other products, welcome to map processing customized production.

  Copper sleeves, also known as sliding bearings, are used to support the shaft and bear the load on the shaft. They are usually made of wear-resistant materials. Metal composite sliding bearing has a metal bearing combination of two or more multi-layer metal layers, which is simple in structure, small in size, convenient in manufacture, low in cost, low in noise, stable in operation and large load-bearing capacity. It can adapt to various working media and environmental conditions, and it can work with people's life, production and production. Scientific research is closely related to the application of various sports organizations is very common.

  Sliding bearing runs smoothly, reliably, with low or no noise. Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface has no direct contact with lubricating oil, which can still reduce the friction loss to a great extent. The oil film has a certain vibration absorption capacity, but the friction resistance is larger when it runs. The part of the shaft supported by the bearing is called the journal, and the part matching the journal is called the bearing.

  There are many kinds of sliding bearings, and their use conditions and importance often differ greatly. Therefore, the requirements for lubricants vary. According to different sliding bearings, the corresponding lubricating materials are selected.

  If a lubricating film can be formed on the surface of sliding bearing to separate the moving pairs, the friction force of sliding shaft can be greatly reduced. Because the surface of the moving pairs does not contact directly, wear is also avoided. The copper sleeve of sliding bearing has large bearing capacity, high rotary precision and anti-impact effect of lubricating film, so lubricating film is widely used in engineering.

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