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Noticeable Problems in Processing Copper Sheath of Different

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Noticeable Problems in Processing Copper Sheath of Different

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 There is no need to add other precipitation oxidizers when casting tin:

  Cast tin bronze sleeve has strong suction. In order to reduce suction, it is suitable to melt rapidly under weak oxidizing or oxidizing atmosphere and protective covering agent. However, because the alloy contains certain elements such as zinc and phosphorus, it has deoxidizing effect on the alloy solution, so it is not necessary to add other precipitation deoxidizers in the melting process.

  The casting of aluminium bronze should not be unduly stirred.

  Aluminum in cast aluminium bronze sleeve has strong affinity with oxygen and is easy to oxidize to form suspended oxide slag, and form a light oxide film on the liquid surface. The oxide film on the surface of molten pool can be used to protect the inner copper liquid without additional covering agent. However, the copper liquid should not be stirred excessively and the oxygen on the liquid surface should be kept as far as possible. The film is not destroyed.

  No additional deoxidization and degassing treatment is required for casting common brass.

  Casting brass is easy to melt, not only because of its low melting point, but also because zinc in the alloy can deoxidize the liquid copper, and the evaporation and boiling of zinc can remove hydrogen from the liquid copper, so no additional deoxidization and degassing treatment is needed.

  Above is our mature experience in foundry of several common materials. We have produced various kinds of materials, such as copper sleeve, large copper sleeve, copper tile, copper worm wheel, copper slide plate, etc. It can be processed into various specifications and materials. Welcome to customize the drawings.

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