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Copper foundries offer timely and favourable prices

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Copper foundries offer timely and favourable prices

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 As a basic accessory, copper sleeve is widely used in many fields. It is the basic component of various machinery and equipment, and also one of the important components.

  Qufu Zhengxiang Industrial and Mining Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional copper sleeve casting and processing factory. It has more than 20 years of production experience. It knows the details of copper sleeve processing, and can produce high-quality copper sleeve very well. The following are the points for attention in the process of copper sleeve processing summarized by our factory:

  When casting pure copper, attention should be paid to:

  Pure copper castings require high conductivity and thermal conductivity, but as long as there are trace impurities in pure copper castings, such as ratio, Mn, P and small, the conductivity and thermal conductivity can be significantly reduced. Therefore, in the process of melting and casting pure copper, the content of impurities should be strictly restricted. The burden, melting equipment and tools should be paid attention to "three failures". That is, iron tools can not be used, crucibles melted through other copper alloys can not be used, and polluted recycling materials can not be used.

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