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Xinxiang Copper Foundry Manufacturer Customized Processing C

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Xinxiang Copper Foundry Manufacturer Customized Processing C

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Copper sleeve is a bearing, belonging to the large category of sliding bearings. It works under sliding friction. The relative shaft rotates. Generally, it needs to be assisted by lubrication system. The sliding bearing works smoothly, reliably and without noise. Under the condition of liquid lubrication, the sliding surface is separated by lubricating oil without direct contact, and the friction loss and surface wear can be greatly reduced. The oil film also has a certain vibration absorption capacity, such as lubrication, heat dissipation, friction reduction and life extension. Copper sleeve is mainly used in machinery, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical industry, aerospace, coal, petroleum, automobile, engineering machinery, gold and other industries. Chinese style

  The function of copper axle sleeve in machine is to reduce friction, vibration, corrosion, noise, easy maintenance and simplify the manufacturing process of knot structure. In moving parts, because long-term friction will cause wear and tear of parts, at this time, the use of copper bushing can reduce less friction. If the copper axle sleeve wears to a certain extent, only the copper axle sleeve needs to be replaced, thus saving the cost of replacing the axle or seat. Chinese style

  Applications: Axial thrust bearing rings are spare parts of machines. They are applied to diesel engines, automobiles, agricultural machinery, hydraulic machinery, machine tools, forestry machinery, construction machinery, mines, railways, ships, petrochemical machinery, die casting machines, metallurgical and gold equipment, food packaging machinery, textile, light industrial machinery and other equipment. All kinds of machinery and machinery in many industries and departments such as aviation, weapons and so on.

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