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Notes for Bearing Installation

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Notes for Bearing Installation

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  1. Before assembly, ensure that there is no foreign body on the surface of Bush and seat hole, and that the surface of seat hole should be as clean as possible to avoid scratches during assembly.

  2. When assembling, the outer surface of the sleeve can be properly coated with lubricating oil to facilitate the installation of the sleeve, but it is not easy to be too much to prevent the sleeve from detaching under heavy load or reciprocating motion.

  3. When assembling, the mandrel should be pressed in slowly (the oil press is recommended), and it is forbidden to knock the sleeve directly to avoid deformation.

  4. If deformable materials such as aluminium alloy or thin wall are needed in the design of seat holes, please explain them so as not to deform the seat holes during pressing.

  5. In order to make the assembly simpler and not destroy the wear-resistant layer, the end face of the shaft must be chamfered and smooth. The material of the shaft should be HRC45 hardened bearing steel with Rz2-3 surface roughness and hard chromium plating.

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