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Processing and Cleaning of Copper Nuts

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Processing and Cleaning of Copper Nuts

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 At present, copper nut processing precision hardware cleaning in the market, polishing process is generally divided into three kinds of surface cleaning methods, Shenzhen Hongxiangsheng precision hardware processing manufacturers do not recommend the use of the third way, first, the use of machine costs is the highest, second, when the soaked sewage treatment for small and medium-sized enterprises. There are some difficulties in the industry. Especially now the environmental protection work in Shenzhen is very strict. If it is found out carelessly, enterprises will face huge fines. Therefore, if metal processing manufacturers want to clean the surface of precise hardware like copper nuts or similar parts, the first and second cleaning methods are recommended.

  First, the use of roller polishing, at least 30 rolling times per minute, adjustable, but the polishing time needs to be well controlled, the operation is also very good, but the use of roller polishing has the following two shortcomings:

  1. Drum polishing is in a sealed state, and the real-time internal situation is difficult to understand.

  2. The colloid is easy to soften because of the high temperature in the barrel when working under seal, especially in summer, which may cause the surface of aluminium screw to be black.

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