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Causes of Non-smooth Surface of Copper Casting Die

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Causes of Non-smooth Surface of Copper Casting Die

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  The reason why copper parts are customized is to make the customized copper parts more in line with the needs of machinery. But after processing, some of the customized copper parts find that the surface is not smooth enough and there are concave and convex phenomena. What are the reasons for this phenomenon?

  1. Gas-filled metals have residues between them, which is not excluded from extrusion. The concave surface is smooth, and it is difficult to exhaust in the presence of the cavity, while copper is the edge side of adjacent pages.

  2. In the case of poor performance of machine injection mechanism (such as the old vertical axle), when the working hydraulic pressure is unstable, is the injection pressure stable? Pressure during treatment forces copper metal to form discontinuously in more than one epidermis made of copper, but each edge of the epidermis has a different location, and the first edge of the epidermis after a period of time is not the depression of the production of bars covered.

  3. The inner surface of the shrinkage concave, such as the shrinkage hole concave, is called shrinkage concave in the case that the copper parts are heated, shrinkage and the strength of the epidermis layer, but there are also some parts which are not broken.

  Through the introduction above, we have a general understanding of the reasons for the concave and convex phenomenon on the surface of copper parts. Then we can take corresponding measures to avoid this phenomenon as far as possible

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