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Causes of Slag Formation in Copper Sheath

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Causes of Slag Formation in Copper Sheath

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 Slag inclusion in copper sleeve refers to irregular holes in the inner or surface of copper sleeve, which are filled with slag in whole or in part. Some slag accumulates in individual parts, and some are small in size and highly dispersed in all parts of castings, collectively called slag inclusion. Slag inclusion seriously affects the surface roughness, strength and wear resistance of finished castings.

  The slag inclusion in copper sleeve is caused by the oxide of molten slag or alloy elements entering the casting mould. The main reasons are as follows:

  1. The order of feeding is not right when smelting alloys, but a large number of refractory oxides are produced, such as silicon dioxide, tin oxide, alumina and so on.

  2. Incomplete deoxidation

  3. The design of casting system is unreasonable or the casting process is not well controlled, resulting in the splash or turbulence of liquid copper and secondary oxidation during casting.

  4. Slag removal is not clean and the ladle is involved in the mould.

  5. Slag skimming ability of casting system is low.

  6. Casting temperature is too low to float slag.

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