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Lubrication effect of copper sleeve

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Lubrication effect of copper sleeve

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Now the application of machinery and equipment, as well as in the number of these areas, constantly increasing, such as copper sets, or copper rings, basic parts of some equipment, or accessories to install, will be applied, if there is no problem, use can be more than a few years, but these copper If the sleeve is used for a long time, it needs to be maintained with lubricant. It is also essential to avoid rusting.
1. Distinguish the tight and loose rings of bearings (according to the size of bearing inner diameter, the difference of aperture is 0.1-0.3 mm).
2. Distinguish the stationary parts of the mechanism (i.e. the parts that do not move, mainly referring to the assembly).
3. In any case, the loose ring of the bearing should always rest on the end face of the stationary part.
4. From the point of view of friction loss, the smaller the friction coefficient as bearing material, the better the wear coefficient of graphite with excellent steel sleeve lubrication bearing show.
5. Structurally speaking, graphite is a solid material, which can be lubricated without oil. Graphite-reducing inlaid lubrication bearings have fewer lubrication systems, thus reducing the failure rate.
6. Graphite has high chemical stability.
7. Cheap price, strong versatility; if you use metal to make bearings, according to the situation of graphite bronze bearings you said to operate at high temperature, obviously ordinary materials can not, materials with high temperature strength need to be customized, the price is not several times, dozens of times, hundreds of times is not necessarily able to do, first of all, materials are difficult to find.

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