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High quality graphite copper sleeve for mechanical fittings

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High quality graphite copper sleeve for mechanical fittings

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  Copper sleeve is a kind of mechanical lubrication parts, because of the different material, technology and so on, and divided into many kinds, each kind of copper sleeve has its own characteristics, so there are slightly different choices and purchases in different industries.

  For construction machinery, the most commonly used is graphite copper sleeve. Graphite copper sleeve is produced by graphite. The structure of graphite is relatively relaxed. It is very simple to open the hole. This paves the way for the operation afterwards. The surface of copper sleeve with holes is opened and embedded with solid lubricant, thus forming a self-lubricating bearing, which reduces the amount of lubricating oil and enhances the operation efficiency of construction machinery.

  Graphite copper sleeve and self-lubricating bearing make construction machinery run quickly, reduce the use of various raw materials and enhance work efficiency. Therefore, for large-scale machinery, heavy machinery, construction machinery and other complex and precise equipment, it is best to choose graphite copper sleeve, self-lubricating bearings, so that the product is the best, the highest quality.

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