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high quality Centrifugal copper sleeve

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high quality Centrifugal copper sleeve

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Copper sleeve, also known as the same bearing, is a part of sliding rotating machinery used to reduce conflicts and drive thrust and support fixed effect together. Copper sleeve needs oil smooth bearing. Copper sleeve is also made of various copper alloys to smooth the mechanical parts. Self-smooth copper sleeve, need to give oil smooth. Graphite copper sleeve, no need to give oil smooth. Copper sleeve can be used on various large and heavy machinery, and it is an important component of machinery.

  How to cast large copper sleeve the most wear-resistant? The answer is centrifugal copper casting. Centrifugal copper casting is a casting method in which liquid copper is poured into a high-speed rotating casting centrifuge and solidified under centrifugal force. Centrifugal casting has been widely used in the production of pipe and sleeve castings, such as centrifugal casting copper sleeve, cylinder sleeve, seamless steel tube blank, etc.

  Selection of Speed of Centrifugal Casting Copper Sheath

  1. The rotational speed of the mould should ensure that the liquid copper enters the mould and forms a cylinder under the action of centrifugal force.

  2. Make full use of centrifugal force to ensure good internal quality of castings.

  3. When centrifugal casting copper by vertical centrifugal casting method, the centrifugal force can be fully utilized to exert the filling capacity of liquid copper and the ability of feeding casting.

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