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Copper sets manufacturer supplies high quality copper sets f

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Copper sets manufacturer supplies high quality copper sets f

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  We are a professional manufacturer of copper bushing. The material of copper bushing for stern axle produced by our factory is tin bronze. The tin content of tin bronze is generally between 3% and 14%. It is mainly used for making elastic components and wear-resistant parts. The content of tin in the wrought tin bronze sleeve is not more than 8%, and some elements such as phosphorus, lead and zinc are added. The wrought tin bronze sleeve has high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent casting properties. Centrifugal casting is the main casting method for copper bushing of stern shaft in our company. Centrifugal casting can obtain castings without shrinkage holes, air holes and slag inclusion, with fine structure and good mechanical properties. When casting round hollow parts, the core can be omitted. In addition, centrifugal casting does not require a casting system and reduces metal consumption.

  In addition to specializing in the production of copper bushing for stern shaft, our company also produces copper bushing, copper worm gear, zinc-based alloy bushing, self-lubricating copper bushing for various mining equipment, etc. Welcome your cooperation!

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