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What is ship copper cover

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What is ship copper cover

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The stern shaft is a shaft extending through the stern tube to the stern of the ship. One end of the stern shaft is connected with the propeller, and the other end is connected with the gearbox or the connecting shaft joint and then connected with the engine. The stern shaft of a large ship is mounted on two bearings, one is called stern bearing, which is the part of the ship body in contact with water. The other one, called the front copper sleeve, is connected to the cabin.

  The tailshaft is generally composed of flange, shaft trunk, journal, tapered shaft and stud. The tailshaft assembly is included on the journal. The function of the tailshaft tube is to support the weight of propeller and tailshaft (tailshaft bearing). The tailshaft sleeve is installed on the tailshaft tube of the journal. Water-lubricated ships usually have bearings on their stern axle journals to prevent friction and corrosion of the journals. Bearings are usually assembled on the axles with interference fit.

  The stern tube bearings are located in the inner part of the stern tube and below the water level. The working conditions are harsh. They are to bear the uneven cantilever load when the propeller rotates and the power load when the propeller encounters obstacles occasionally. They also bear the weight of the stern and the propeller and the additional vibration force that may occur during the operation. It is very difficult to inspect the ship when sailing. In order not to affect the ship because of its failure, the copper bushing of the stern shaft must be wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant.

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