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Characteristics of copper sleeve

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Characteristics of copper sleeve

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 1. Compression resistance: The compressive ability of copper bushing is also quite good. Its external pressure is very high, and it can accept the side pressure of bearing very well. In the case of high load pressure, copper bushing can also be operated. It is suitable for low speed and heavy load situations.

  2. Corrosivity: Another characteristic of copper sleeve is corrosion resistance and excellent corrosion function. It is primarily used in the atmosphere and freshwater, because the environment is still relatively good. In the process of using copper bushing, it is usually not easy to show the situation of seizing. The corrosion resistance function of copper bushing mainly reflects that the copper bushing of excavator arm has good function on some chemical elements. Even without lubricant and water lubricant, it can still work normally and its function of sliding and self-lubrication can still be adhered to.

  3. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of copper sleeve is still comparatively good, and different equipment with different raw materials has different characteristics. Copper bushing parts internal arrangement is still relatively tight, will not show too lax scene, no stomatal trachoma, and most importantly, its hardness is relatively high.

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