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Structure and Material Selection of Bearing Bush

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Structure and Material Selection of Bearing Bush

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 I. Bearing bush structure

  Bearing Bush is a part that contacts directly with Journal on bearing. The bearing bush is used on bearing body to save valuable bearing materials and facilitate maintenance. The structure of bearing bush has two kinds of integral bush: integral Bush (also called bush) and split bush, which are usually called bush. Generally, there are oil holes and oil grooves on the axle sleeve to lubricate, and the axle sleeve made of powder metallurgy generally does not have oil grooves.

  The split bearing bush is composed of upper and lower half bushes. Generally, the lower bearing bush bears load while the upper bearing bush does not. Oil holes and oil grooves are opened on the upper bearing bush. After the lubricating oil is input from the oil holes, the oil grooves are distributed to the whole bearing bush surface.

  Oil ditches and holes can only be opened in areas that do not bear loads, in order to avoid reducing the load-carrying capacity of oil film. The axial length of the oil ditch and oil chamber should be shorter than the width of the bearing bush, so as to avoid oil loss from both ends. The shoulders at both ends of bearing bush can prevent the axial movement of copper bush and bear certain axial force.

  II. Bearing Material

  The main failure modes of bearing bush are wear and gluing, and fatigue failure may occur when the strength is insufficient. The main requirements for bearing materials are: 1. good friction reduction and wear resistance; 2. adequate compressive, impact and fatigue strength; 3. good compliance, embedding, running-in and lubrication; 4. good thermal conductivity, low linear expansion coefficient, good workability, etc.

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