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Copper foundries supply large copper sleeves of high quality

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Copper foundries supply large copper sleeves of high quality

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Haishan Copper Casting in Xinxiang

  When considering the application of wet casting copper sleeve, the following situations should be paid attention to:

  1. When the static pressure of the metal exceeds the compressive strength of the wet mold, the use of dry sand mold or self-hardening sand mold should be considered.

  2. When Shandong copper sleeve has large horizontal batch in pouring position, sand inclusion defects are easily caused by wet moulding, and other sand moulds should be considered.

  3. Wet moulding is not suitable for sand moulds which need to wait for pouring for a long time in the moulding process. If the wet mould is placed too long, it will be air-dried, so that the surface strength will be reduced and sand erosion defects will easily occur. Therefore, the wet type should be poured on the same day. If it is necessary to pour the next day, the upper and lower half of the empty closure box should be placed to prevent water loss. The closure box, the core should be opened before pouring the next day, and then the closure box should be poured. Other sand moulds should be considered in the longer process.

  4. When there are more chills in the mould, wet mould should be avoided. If there is chilled iron in the wet mould, chilled iron should be preheated beforehand and poured into the mould in time to close the box so as not to rust or condense water droplets and cause stomatal defects after pouring.

  When the wet mold is unreliable, surface dry sand mold can be used, and the drying depth is not less than 15 mm depending on the size and thickness of the castings. It has many advantages of wet moulding, but its performance is better than that of wet moulding, which reduces the tendency of pore, sand washing, sand rising and sand inclusion. It is mostly used for large and medium-sized parts in manual or machine modelling.

  For large copper sleeve castings, resin self-hardening sand mold and clay dry sand mold can be used. Castings with precise size and smooth surface can be obtained by resin self-hardening sand mould, but the cost is high.

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