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 Selection of sealing gaskets

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 Selection of sealing gaskets

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 Selection of sealing gaskets

  Elements to be considered in the selection of sealing gaskets:

  1. The nature of the fluid, i.e. the physical and chemical properties of the fluid medium touched, will react with the gasket.

  2. The pressure of fluid, i.e. the pressure condition of fluid medium, is a factor of positive or negative pressure, maximum operating pressure and whether there is pressure fluctuation.

  3. The temperature of the fluid, that is, the temperature condition of the fluid medium, and whether there is any temperature change during the operation, etc. 4. Flange type, i.e. flange shape, dimension, sealing surface condition, etc.

  In the specific understanding of the above situation, we can refer to the relevant technical and functional information of sealing gaskets, and select the suitable sealing gaskets for the working conditions of the sealing part.

  II. Devices for Sealing Gaskets

  The installation of sealing gaskets is a key factor in practical application. Generally, the requirements for the device are as follows.

  1. Sealing gasket and flange sealing surface should be clean and clean.

  2. On the basis of accurately grasping the dimension of flange sealing surface, using special materials to cut sealing gaskets, it is forbidden to choose the method of knocking flange edge to obtain sealing gaskets.

  3. The outer diameter of the gasket is slightly smaller than that of the flange sealing surface, and the inner diameter is slightly larger than that of the flange sealing surface. The difference is usually twice the thickness of the gasket.

  4. Before the sealing gasket is pre-tightened, the torque measuring wrench should be selected to control the bolt tightening force, so as to avoid the formation of too large or too small pre-tightening force, leading to seal failure.

  5. When sealing gasket is pre-tightened, in order to make the gasket bear uniform force, it should be pre-tightened diagonally in turn, which can not reach the pre-tightening value at one time, and generally reach the pre-tightening value 2-3 times in cycle.

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