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Effect, mechanism and factors affecting sealing of gaskets 

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Effect, mechanism and factors affecting sealing of gaskets 

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 Effect, mechanism and factors affecting sealing of gaskets 

 The effect of sealing gasket is to prevent leakage of sealed medium, and the form of leaking valve copper sleeve can be divided into two kinds: interface leakage and leaking. The causes of interfacial leakage are usually due to loose pressure between sealing surfaces, aging, deformation, corrosion, wear or burn of sealing surfaces, and mechanical oscillation under operating conditions. Leakage is related to the material variety, manufacturing method, properties of sealed media, operating pressure and temperature of gaskets.

  In theory, it is impossible to complete the thorough touch between sealing surfaces even if the gasket is selected, so that there are no micro-channels or voids. Although these channels are extremely small, the molecular volume relative to the fluid medium is still large enough, so that the fluid is thoroughly blocked at the edge of the sealing surface. Impossible, there will always be a part of the fluid between the sealed touching surface, and in the meantime there will be a messy hydrodynamic and thermodynamic process. It is generally believed that when the fluid enters the extremely thin and irregular cracks between the sealing surfaces, the resistance will be lost in the course of its movement, so as to consume its energy. Together, the stop boundary layer will occur on the wall of these cracks, and then the fine passages will become narrower or completely blocked, so that the fluid entering the sealing surface will be blocked. Can not continue to move, and then complete the sealing.

  The main factors affecting the seal are as follows: the appearance of the sealing surface; the touch width of the sealing surface; the nature of the fluid; the temperature of the fluid; the raw materials of the sealing gasket; the pre-tightening force exerted on the sealing surface; and the influence of other external conditions (mainly the oscillation of the system, the deformation of the connecting parts, the deviation of the device orientation, etc.). ) If the seal is reliable, it is necessary to consider these factors carefully, and the quality and selection of sealing gaskets are also crucial.

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