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Classification and Maintenance of Mechanical Bearings

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Classification and Maintenance of Mechanical Bearings

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In the machine tool and its accessories, an important part is often used, which is the bearing. Its main copper sleeve is to support the connection between the machines and reduce the friction coefficient of the mechanical parts. According to the different friction coefficient, it can be divided into sliding and rolling bearings. Since the gap of copper bearing bush after mechanical connection should be tight and seamless, the design and manufacturing process of oil-free bearing must be calculated by precise calculation in mathematical statistics and physical mechanics.

  The self-aligning roller bearing refers to a bearing with roller installed between two inner rings with slideway and outer rings with spherical rollers. According to the different structural shapes, it can be divided into circular and tapered bearings. It is mainly used in various machinery manufacturing industries, including paper-making machinery, wood processing machinery, printing machinery, etc. About how to maintain bearings, lubricating oil or other oil can be added appropriately to avoid placing bearings in wet places and preventing rust or damage of bearing shell.

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