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How to Select Copper Castings Correctly

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How to Select Copper Castings Correctly

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 Copper castings Some consumers are buying copper products, sometimes there are some rugged copper surface phenomenon. This phenomenon also scratches one's ears and scratches one's cheeks, and then the following rice copper processing factory to our friends, casting copper to solve these problems to ask you, but also hope you to our copper processing in-depth understanding.

  When you buy a copper product stone, there are some bumps on its surface, and this may be due to the pressure of its liquid during the process of approval of the copper product. The injection pressure is unstable and the injection machine mechanism used in the course of his treatment forms the above-mentioned epidermis and the marginal parts and their different epidermis layers. To produce this phenomenon. Or its copper-filled hot part, the strength of shrinkage of the skin, so that it looks convex surface of some of the phenomenon. One of the reasons for these two effects may be that the residual gas fills the metal, and of course, it may be due to external compression, which makes it show up in the cavity, so there is no such phenomenon.

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