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Advantages and characteristics of large copper sleeve

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Advantages and characteristics of large copper sleeve

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 Large copper sleeve (rolling bearing) and shaft friction, rolling friction between the large copper sleeve to reduce friction loss of precision mechanical components work together. Provide general inner and outer rings, and roll-shaft stage tie with the body and maintain the role of the four parts of the framework ring, are rotating with the axis; the role of the outer ring is equipped with seats to support the role of entanglement; rolling body and jade to maintain a uniform distribution in the framework of rolling body inner ring and outer ring Zhijian, the size of its shape. The number of rollers directly affects the service performance and life of roller bearings. Maintaining the frame can make the rollers evenly distributed, prevent the rollers from falling down and guide the rollers to rotate to play a lubricating role.

  Sliding bearings are the most common, but with the continuous updating of technology, new products enter the market and begin to have a larger market share. Roller bearing is a prominent one. Because of some advantages of sliding bearings and rolling bearings.

  1. The axial dimension is small, so most types of copper can bear radial and axial loads.

  2. Load, fast speed, wide operating temperature, small working conditions of large copper bushes have little effect on the performance of bearings.

  3. Low starting friction torque, low power loss, higher efficiency of rolling bearings (0.98-0.99) than hybrid lubrication bearings.

  4. Easy to lubricate, maintain and repair.

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