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How to Use Copper bush Best

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How to Use Copper bush Best

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There are self-lubricating copper sleeve and graphite copper sleeve in the copper sleeve. Self-lubricating copper sleeve needs oil lubrication, while graphite copper sleeve does not need oil lubrication. Copper sheath is practical, new, simple in structure, high quality and long service life. It is very suitable for flipping ribbons of amorphous, Microcrystalline Alloy Magnetic materials, ultra-high strength amorphous alloys and other alloy materials. So what is the material of copper sleeve? Let's introduce it to you now.

  When is the best use of copper sleeve? Copper sleeve should be used after heat treatment because the strength, especially plasticity and toughness of copper decrease. In order to refine grain size, homogenize structure and eliminate internal stress, copper sleeve must be normalized or annealed. Normalized copper is widely used because of its low cost and high mechanical properties after annealing. However, normalizing treatment results in a relatively large internal force of annealing, which is only applicable to copper parts with 0.35% carbon content. Low carbon copper parts have good plasticity and are easy to break when cooled. When the internal force decreases, the copper sheet should be tempered at high temperature after normalizing. For carbon content. 0.35% of copper parts with complex structure and crack-prone can only be annealed. Copper parts should not be quenched, otherwise they will crack easily.

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