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Professional copper foundries supply high quality copper bus

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Professional copper foundries supply high quality copper bus

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Brass is a copper alloy with zinc as the main additive element. It has a beautiful yellow color and is collectively called brass. Copper-zinc binary alloy is called ordinary brass or simple brass. The brass above three yuan is called special brass or complex brass. Brass alloys containing less than 36% zinc are composed of solid solution and have good cold working properties. For example, brass containing 30% zinc is often used to make cartridge case, commonly known as cartridge case brass or 73 brass. Brass alloys with zinc content ranging from 36% to 42% consist of solid solutions, of which 64 brass with zinc content of 40% is the most commonly used. In order to improve the properties of ordinary brass, other elements such as aluminum, nickel, manganese, tin, silicon and lead are often added. Aluminum can improve the strength, hardness and corrosion resistance of brass, but reduce the plasticity. It is suitable for use as condensing tubes and other corrosion resistant parts of seagoing vessels. Tin can improve the strength of brass and corrosion resistance to sea water, so it is called naval brass. It is used as marine thermal equipment and propeller. Lead improves the cutting performance of brass; this free-cutting brass is often used as a part of clocks and watches. Brass sleeves are often used to make valves and pipe fittings.

  Bronze originally refers to copper-tin alloy. Later, all copper alloys except brass and bronze are called bronze, and the name of the first major additive element is often crowned before the name of bronze. Tin bronze has good casting, friction reduction and mechanical properties. It is suitable for manufacturing bearings, worm gears and gears. Lead bronze is a widely used bearing material in modern engines and grinders. Aluminum bronze has high strength, good wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It is used for casting gears, sleeves and marine propellers with high load. Beryllium bronze and phosphorus bronze have high elastic limit and good electrical conductivity. They are suitable for manufacturing precision springs and electrical contact components. Beryllium bronze is also used to manufacture sparkless tools for coal mines and oil depots.

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