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the diffverent of Rolling and sliding bearings

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the diffverent of Rolling and sliding bearings

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Bearings for mechanical equipment can be divided into rolling bearings and sliding bearings according to different product structures and working principles. Rolling bearings refer to bearings with rolling bodies between parts for rolling motion; sliding bearings are bearings that do not use rolling bodies and only work under sliding friction.

  Rolling bearing has the advantages of small friction coefficient, high transmission efficiency and good mechanical performance. It is the dominant type in the bearing industry at present, especially for the mechanical equipment with high speed requirements, rolling bearing must be used. Rolling bearings have achieved standardization, serialization and generalization, suitable for mass production and supply, which also promotes the overall development of rolling bearings.

  Sliding bearings have the advantages of small size, high bearing capacity, low vibration, low noise, and many structural changes. Therefore, sliding bearings need to be selected in the situations of heavy load, compact structure, high precision and no vibration; and the advantages of structural changes also make sliding bearings can be applied to various mechanical parts of different shapes. Rolling bearings and sliding bearings complement each other and achieve the best movement of mechanical equipment.

  In addition, the manufacturing cost of sliding bearings is lower than that of rolling bearings, and sliding bearings will be preferred when both bearings are competent.

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