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A Brief Talk on the Function of Wear-Resistant Copper Sheath

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A Brief Talk on the Function of Wear-Resistant Copper Sheath

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 Copper sleeve is only a broad name, it is used in sliding rotating machinery to reduce friction, but also to drive thrust and play a supporting role in fixed parts. In some special places, equivalent to the role of bearings, such as heavy-duty, low-speed, mechanical load impact, Henan Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. produces copper sets at a lower price than bearings. When lubricated well, the service life is also long.

  If bearing bush type sliding bearing is used, the shaft and copper sleeve must be made of two kinds of materials. Because the shaft is rotating and the bearing bush is fixed, friction will inevitably occur during the rotation, which will cause wear and tear to the shaft and bearing bush. The processing and disassembly accuracy and assembly of the shaft are more difficult, bearing bush is fixed maintenance or replacement is easier, so when choosing material, consciously choose the bearing bush material soft, and the material selection of the shaft will be harder or more wear-resistant. Previous articles also have on the classification and application of copper bush material. Please refer to the article about the classification and selection of copper sets.

  About copper bushing, the most troublesome thing is oiling, otherwise the bearing will work inconveniently. Because there are many matters needing attention when oiling, not much, it will make oil everywhere, and it is dirty, too little and not smooth. Graphite copper bushing produced byHenan Xinxiang Haishan  Machinery Co., Ltd. Lubricating copper sleeve eliminates the trouble of oiling, is more resistant to high temperature, more durable, service life is more than 2 times the ordinary, can be used in inconvenient oiling working environment. It lubricates itself. That is self-lubricating bearing, so it will be very convenient

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