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Haishan Machinery Supply Copper Skateboard in Xinxiang City,

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Haishan Machinery Supply Copper Skateboard in Xinxiang City,

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 Henan Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of non-ferrous metal production, processing and casting. Our company produces various specifications of various materials of copper slide, copper plate. The general materials of the copper slides produced by the company are brass, high-strength brass, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, zinc-based alloy, etc. The products produced by the company include ordinary slides and self-lubricating slides. The specifications of the products can be customized according to the requirements of customers.

  The trough or ridge made of copper slide plate or other materials of our company is a device that can bear, fix, guide mobile device or equipment and reduce its friction. Longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of guideways are used for guiding, fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. Guideway, also known as slideway, linear slideway and linear slideway, is used in linear reciprocating motion occasions. It has a higher rated load than linear bearing, and can bear a certain amount of torque. It can realize high-precision linear motion under high load.

  JFB solid inlaid self-lubricating slider, also known as graphite slider, is a kind of slider with special formula of high-strength brass or tin bronze as the matrix and special formula of solid lubricant inlaid at a certain angle and density on the surface, which is tightly processed; it has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high load resistance.

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