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Application of Copper Sheath in Paper Machinery

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Application of Copper Sheath in Paper Machinery

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 In today's information-changing society, paper consumption is very large. The surface of paper seems simple, but the process of paper making is very complex, which requires many steps and many machines, including coolers, evaporators, beaters, paper machines and so on. Many of the components, such as heat exchange tubes, rollers, batters, semi-liquid pumps and wire meshes, are made of steel alloys.

  For example, the long-screen paper machine currently used sprays pulp onto fast-moving meshes with small meshes (40-60 meshes). The mesh is woven of brass and phosphorus bronze wires. It has a wide width, usually more than 20 feet (6 meters), requiring complete straightness. The mesh moves on a series of small brass or copper rollers, and when pulp sprayed on it passes through, moisture is sucked out from below. The net vibrates at the same time to bond the small fibers in the pulp. Large paper machines have large mesh sizes, up to 26 feet 8 inches wide (8.1 meters) and 100 feet long (30.5 meters). Wet pulp not only contains water, but also contains chemicals used in papermaking process, which is highly corrosive. In order to ensure the quality of paper, the requirements for the fabric materials are very strict, not only with high strength and elasticity, but also with pulp corrosion resistance, copper alloy can be fully qualified

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