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Material of Bronze Sheath of Crusher

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Material of Bronze Sheath of Crusher

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 The main materials of copper sleeve of crusher produced by our company are brass, high-strength brass, aluminum bronze, tin bronze, zinc-based alloy and other non-ferrous metals. Aluminum bronze is used for high strength wear-resistant parts and parts working at high temperature (400 C), such as aluminium bronze bushing, bushing, axle sleeve, gear, spherical seat, nut, flange, sliding seat and other important corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant parts.

  Tin bronze cast copper alloy has good wear resistance and corrosion resistance, easy processing, good casting performance and air tightness. For wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts working under high load and medium sliding speed, such as bearing bush, bushing, copper bushing, cylinder liner, piston clutch, pump cover and worm wheel, etc. Tin bronze sleeve is also one of the important parts in metallurgical equipment.

  The company provides metal casting, sand casting and centrifugal casting, among which centrifugal casting has the ability to produce large copper bushes, copper bushes and copper worm wheels. This process has good compactness, no pore and trachoma, and the mechanical properties of copper castings, such as hardness, tensile strength and wear resistance, are much higher than those of copper castings processed by moulding.

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