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Common problems in copper sleeve casting (2)

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Common problems in copper sleeve casting (2)

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 Two: slump flow

  1) characteristics. In horizontal centrifugal casting of copper sleeve, alloy collapses on the inner surface of copper parts, resulting in local concave or convex, or small metal tumors protruding on the inner surface, resulting in shrinkage after processing.

  2) Causes. When the casting is not fully solidified, the mould stops rotating, which causes the slump of part of the non-solidified liquid metal. The main cause of slump is over shutdown. In centrifugal casting of sand mold, when the casting temperature is high and the sand mold is overheated locally, the local solidification of the casting will be slow, and slump will occur in this part of the casting when the mold stops running.

  3) Preventive measures. Mould rotation can not stop too early, that is, do not stop too early. The shutdown time is related to the material, weight and cooling conditions of copper castings. Generally speaking, after solidification of the castings, when the temperature of the castings is l00-3000 lower than that of the solid phase line, the machine should stop.

  Experience shows that after power failure and speed decrease of centrifugal casting machine, the inner surface of the castings should be observed. If local brightness is found, the power should be sent immediately to make the centrifugal casting machine rotate again. In addition, in centrifugal casting of sand moulds, local overheating of sand moulds should be prevented.

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