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Common problems in copper sleeve casting (shower )

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Common problems in copper sleeve casting (shower )

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 1: shower

 1) characteristics. When horizontal centrifugal casting copper sleeve, the copper liquid drops like rain, and the copper liquid is strongly oxidized, which makes the inner surface of the castings not smooth, the size does not meet the requirements, and even difficult to form.

  2) Causes. When the rotational speed of the mold is too low, the centrifugal force MWR of the highest point particle on the free surface of the molten metal is smaller than the gravity M9, so the molten metal drops.

 3) Preventive measures. The spray phenomenon can be prevented by increasing the rotational speed of the mould. Mold speed is an important technological factor in centrifugal casting. Except for the leaching phenomenon in horizontal centrifugal casting and the poor filling of liquid metal in vertical centrifugal casting, there are also some defects such as looseness and slag inclusion in the casting when the rotating speed is too low. However, when the speed is too high, the casting copper sleeve is prone to cracks, segregation and other defects, and the outer surface of sand centrifugal casting will also form bulging defects. Too high casting speed will also cause the machine to produce large vibration, worn worse, power consumption is too large, and so on. The minimum rotational speed should be selected on the premise of guaranteeing the forming and quality of castings.

  In actual production, some empirical formulas are usually used to calculate the rotational speed of the casting, and then corrected appropriately according to the actual situation. Normally, the deviation of casting speed less than 15r! Min will not have a significant impact on the pouring process and casting quality.

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