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 Metal Model for Centrifugal Casting of Copper Sheath

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 Metal Model for Centrifugal Casting of Copper Sheath

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  Metal Model for Centrifugal Casting of Copper Sheath

  In centrifugal casting of copper sleeve, the casting mould must rotate at high speed during casting, and bear centrifugal force and thermal shock produced by liquid metal. Therefore, centrifugal casting and gravity sand casting have more stringent requirements on the casting mould than centrifugal casting. There are two kinds of casting moulds used in centrifugal casting: metal and non-metal moulds (sand moulds, shell moulds, molten model shells, etc.). Metal moulds have a series of characteristics and are widely used in mass production. The metal mold should be simple in structure, easy to manufacture, safe and convenient in operation, able to achieve high efficiency production and ensure the acquisition of high quality castings.

  The main body of the metal mould is the part that constitutes the cavity, which is used to form the shape of the casting. The main structure of the metal mold is related to the size of the castings, the types of alloys and the pouring position in the mold. In the design, the size of the cavity should be accurate, the gating system and exhaust system should be set up conveniently, the casting can be produced conveniently, and the strength and stiffness should be enough.

  Metal mould for centrifugal casting is generally composed of mould body, end cover and end cover clamping device. When choosing or designing metal mould, the main consideration is casting material and structure, cavity size, end cover and clamping structure.

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