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High-quality wear-resistant slider, copper plate

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High-quality wear-resistant slider, copper plate

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 The guide rail of a copper slide: a groove or ridge made of a copper slide or other material that can bear, fix, guide a mobile device or device and reduce its friction. Longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of guideways are used for guiding, fixing machine parts, special equipment, instruments, etc. Guideway, also known as slideway, linear slideway and linear slideway, is used in linear reciprocating motion occasions. It has a higher rated load than linear bearing, and can bear a certain amount of torque. It can realize high-precision linear motion under high load.

  Copper Slider - Converts motion from curve to straight line. The new copper slider system enables the machine tool to obtain fast feed speed. Under the same spindle speed, fast feed is the characteristic of linear guideway. Like planar guides, linear guides have two basic elements: one is fixed element as guide, the other is mobile element. As the linear guide is a standard component, the only thing for the machine tool manufacturer to do is to process a plane to install the guide and adjust the parallelism of the guide. Of course, in order to ensure the accuracy of the machine tool, a small amount of scraping and grinding of the bed or column is essential. In most cases, the installation is relatively simple.

  He nan xinxiang haihsan Machinery Co., Ltd. continuously pursues advanced management technology and modern management means, while providing perfect after-sales service and guarantee work. The key parts have to be inspected by professional equipment, which has become an excellent manufacturer of copper guide slider, and the product quality has been more effectively guaranteed.

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