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Application of Bearing in Coal Mine Equipment

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Application of Bearing in Coal Mine Equipment

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  For the copper sleeves and self-lubricating bearings of coal-digging equipment (briquetting machine and briquetting machine), the clearance can not be adjusted. If the gap is between 0.1 mm and 0.4 mm, the copper sleeve to be repaired can be set on the cold-pressing die, upsetting the copper sleeve with a press to reduce the internal diameter of the force. The height of copper sleeve after upsetting is generally allowed to be reduced by 8%-15%. Usually when the copper sleeve of upsetting briquette equipment (briquette machine, briquette ball press machine) is used, a copper sleeve with the same size as the inner diameter should be set on the outer diameter of the copper sleeve to ensure that the copper sleeve can only shrink inside and can not expand outside. There should also be an inner shaft of the sleeve in the cold pressing die. Its diameter should generally be 0.1 mm smaller than that of the copper sleeve to be repaired, so that the copper sleeve after upsetting still has hinged hole allowance.

  For taper adjusting bearing of briquette equipment (briquette machine, briquette pressure ball machine), when there is no adjusting allowance, it is allowed to lengthen the adjusting screw properly to increase the axial adjusting allowance.

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