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Production and Processing of High Quality Copper Sheath

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Production and Processing of High Quality Copper Sheath

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Copper sleeves, also known as copper bearings, are made of various brands of copper alloys, generally using centrifugal casting process, usually used for lubrication of mechanical parts. There are many kinds of copper sleeves, such as self-lubricating copper sleeve, oil-free copper sleeve, oil-needed copper sleeve and graphite copper sleeve. Common materials used in copper sleeve production are tin bronze, aluminum bronze, brass, phosphorus bronze, silicon bronze, high-strength brass and so on.

  Copper sleeve is an important component of various large and heavy machinery. Copper sleeves are usually used in conjunction with shafts, which can reduce friction in the operation of sliding machinery, and at the same time, provide a greater impetus to mechanical equipment. Usually when the machine is running, the axis is rotating, and the copper sleeve is fixed. It generates driving force through friction between them, which increases the kinetic energy of the machine. At the same time, the maintenance and replacement of the copper sleeve is relatively easy, so the material selection of the copper sleeve is very important. Generally, the soft copper sleeve is chosen to reduce the damage of the shaft when the copper sleeve rubs against the shaft.

  In summary, copper sleeve is a kind of component used in sliding rotating machinery to reduce friction, drive thrust and play a supporting and fixing role at the same time. Above is the discussion of the role of copper sleeve, I hope the above content will be helpful to you.

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