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Characteristics of copper sleeve andgraphite copper sleeve

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Characteristics of copper sleeve andgraphite copper sleeve

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Characteristics of copper sleeve andgraphite copper sleeve

  1. Wear resistance: The wear resistance of copper sleeve is relatively good, different materials of equipment have different characteristics. The inner structure of the copper bushing parts is relatively close, and there will be no loose phenomenon. It has no stomatal trachoma, so the copper bushing looks bright from the outside, and its color is special. And most importantly, its hardness is relatively high.

  2. Corrosivity: Another characteristic of copper bushing is corrosion resistance and good corrosion performance. It is mainly used in the atmosphere and freshwater, because the environment is relatively good. In the process of using copper bushing, it is not easy to bite to death. The corrosion resistance of copper bushing is mainly reflected in some chemical elements, such as dilute sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, fatty acid and so on. So the corrosion resistance of copper bushing is very good. The reason why it won't bite is mainly due to its own characteristics, its performance is better, even if it is. Without lubricants and water quality lubricants, it can still work normally, and its sliding and self-lubricating properties can be maintained.

  3. Compression resistance: Copper bushing is also quite good, its surface pressure is very large, can well withstand the side pressure of bearings, in the case of high load pressure copper bushing can also be operated, suitable for low-speed and heavy-duty occasions.

  4. The self-lubricating copper sleeve (graphite copper sleeve) has self-lubricating performance, which can double the service life without refueling.

  There are many functions of axle sleeve, and it is convenient for people to repair, simplify the structure, and in some aspects, copper axle sleeve can make up for some mistakes in machine design. So the axle sleeve can play a lot of role. That's its advantage.

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