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Customized Processing of High Precision Bearings

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Customized Processing of High Precision Bearings

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      Copper worm gear is widely used in crushing materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and other industries. Mainly used for speed reducer, small crane, crystal ball mill, lawn mower, elevator, gate, ship machine, automatic door, coal cake machine, woodworking machinery, harvester, printing and dyeing machine, shredder, etc. Features: The grinding chamber adopts wheel-type high-speed rotary knife. The air volume in the chamber is large, and the heat in the chamber is not easy. It has the advantages of smooth operation, convenient disassembly and cleaning, low noise and good crushing effect.

  In order to mesh a pair of worm gears correctly, the following conditions must be satisfied: the axial modulus of the worm and the end face modulus of the worm gear are equal, the pressure angle is equal, the helix angle is equal, and the direction is the same.

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