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Specialized customized processing of high quality copper sle

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Specialized customized processing of high quality copper sle

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  Xinxiang Haishan Machinery Foundry Factory has been engaged in the production and processing of copper sleeve for more than 7 years. During the production process, the foundry technology has been continuously improved, the quality awareness has been enhanced, and the technical exchanges with colleagues have been maintained. Continuously improve casting technology. The company adheres to the principle of "striving for survival by quality". Facing the new century full of opportunities and challenges, we will actively expand the global market with high-quality products, mutual support and sincere cooperation with our partners, and provide more professional products for our customers, so as to create a better brilliant future together.

    The best production technology: sand casting, metal casting, centrifugal casting.

  The castings can be cast 3000 kg/piece, and the minimum castings can be cast 0.1 kg/piece.

  Can provide finished products, semi-finished products, blanks.

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