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Haishan Machinery Copper Sheath Processing Factory

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Haishan Machinery Copper Sheath Processing Factory

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Haishan Machinery Specialized Copper Foundry Factory

Due to the loose and porous metal structure of copper castings, strict technological requirements must be met in the process of electroplating.

(1) When silver plating, it is necessary to electrify the trough and use the impulse current density to plating for 5 minutes on the premise of shaking the workpiece, then turn to normal current density.

(2) The passivation treatment after silver plating should be strengthened by washing in flowing clear water for 10-20 minutes, then washing in hot water, drying immediately. The oven temperature can be controlled at 100-150 C for a little longer to prevent mildew spots.

(3) The cleaning of each process should be thorough to prevent the residual solution in the pore from affecting the next process.

(4) The actual surface area of copper castings is many times larger than the calculated surface area, the impact current density is about three times higher than that of ordinary parts, and the pre-plating time is longer than that of ordinary parts.

(5) When pre-plating copper, parts and hangers should be shaken frequently together to ensure uniform color of the coating and prevent speckle phenomenon from affecting the appearance quality of the coating.

The metallographic structure of copper castings is looser than that of rolled and calendered copper. The surface of copper castings is rough and porous. In addition, some moulding sand, paraffin wax and silicate substances are often left on the surface of copper castings. If the cleaning is not clean, it often causes local plating failure, so the surface cleaning treatment and strengthening of copper castings are appropriate. The process steps are the key to solve the problem of silver plating quality of copper castings.

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