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Future Development Trend of Copper Castings

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Future Development Trend of Copper Castings

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 With the increasing demand for copper castings and the rising price of energy and materials, in today's increasingly fierce market competition, it is important for foundry workers to reduce energy and material consumption and production cost of copper castings.

  Energy saving in copper casting production is mainly energy saving, followed by water saving. Only through the scientific management of energy (called management energy conservation) and the implementation of energy-saving, water-saving technology (called technology energy conservation), can we achieve. Castings are also closely related to daily life. For example, door handles, door locks, heaters, water pipes, iron pans, gas stove racks, irons and so on, which are often used, are all castings. Castings can be classified into steel castings, iron castings, copper castings, aluminium castings, magnesium castings, zinc castings and titanium castings according to the different metal materials used. Each castings can be further classified into different categories according to their chemical composition or metallographic structure. For example, cast iron can be divided into gray iron castings, nodular iron castings, vermicular iron castings, malleable iron castings, alloy iron castings, etc. According to the different casting methods, castings can be divided into ordinary sand castings, metal castings, die castings, centrifugal castings, continuous casting, investment castings, ceramic castings, electroslag remelting castings. Castings, bimetallic castings, etc. Among them, common sand castings are the most widely used, accounting for about 80% of the total castings output. Aluminum, magnesium, zinc and other non-ferrous metal castings are mostly die castings.

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