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What to do when copper castings need to be repaired

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What to do when copper castings need to be repaired

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 The curing time is 2 - 3 hours at room temperature, and the maximum strength can be achieved in 24 hours.

  The operating temperature ranges from - 60 ~180 C.

  Main mechanical properties: hardness (Shao's D) 82;

  The compressive strength is 83 Mpa.

  Tensile strength 39 Mpa;

  Tensile shear strength 20 Mpa;

  Main uses:

  Mainly used for filling defects of copper castings, blowhole, sand hole and shrinkage.

  The defect repair glue for copper castings is a newly developed two-component reactive type and room temperature curing type. It is scientifically prepared from high-quality and high-performance complexing agent, alloy, ceramics, diamond and other powders. It is a new type of high quality adhesive for repairing defects of copper castings. After curing, the adhesive has excellent comprehensive properties such as high bonding strength, oil resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, aging resistance (8-15 years), medium resistance and so on. In order to meet the requirement of color consistency when filling copper castings, the cured adhesive layer is brass color (also can be matched with purple copper color).

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